Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The aim of ICT is to provide an opportunity for all pupils to experience ICT skills and learn their applications, which enable students to:

  • Become independent and discerning users of ICT, able to make informed decisions about its use and aware of its implications for individuals, organisations and society
  • Acquire and apply creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT in a range of contexts.
  • develop their understanding of current and emerging technologies and their social and commercial impact
  • Develop their understanding of the legal, social, economic, ethical and environmental issues raised by ICT
  • Recognise potential risks when using ICT, and develop safe, secure and responsible practice
  • Develop the skills to work collaboratively
  • Evaluate ICT-based solutions.

In addition to ongoing assessment, summative assessment is carried out at the end of each unit of work. At the end of the course, pupils undertake GCSE examinations.

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