Lantern of Knowledge Secondary School is committed to ensuring the well-being of children in all respects including:

Being Healthy

Pupils are introduced to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They are encouraged to eat and exercise responsibly and to be aware of teenage health care issues.

Physical and sporting activities are available to pupils to take part in.Our healthy lunch policy encourages pupils to eat healthy and make sensible choices.

Staying Safe

The well-being and safety of students is paramount to us.
Our policies in this area are produced to ensure pupil safety.
Pupils benefit from our tarbiyah strategy and personal support meetings with senior staff.

Enjoying & Achieving

To encourage pupils to feel good about themselves and what they do, our staff help pupils fulfill their full potential and to feel justly proud of their achievements.
Our Co-Curricular clubs and activities allows pupils to explore their interests and build new ones.

Making a Positive Contribution

Pupils are provided with many opportunities to make positive contributions to the school and wider communities. Opportunities we provide include:

  • Charity work
  • School Council
  • Prefects
  • Homework Support
  • Tuck Shop Managers
  • School Newsletter Team


Achieving Economic Well-being

With the help of PSHE and the school’s programme of careers guidance, students are made aware of career opportunities, making sensible decisions, working life, financial issues and more.

Pupils are encouraged to be enterprising and to aim high, this includes provision in:

  • Careers programme
  • Leavers’ destinations
  • PSHE
  • Work experience
  • World Skills Event
  • Meeting personalities from various sectors and industries

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