Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy and Procedure

The school’s admissions policy and procedure is as follows:-

• Parents must fill in an application form and submit it to the School’s office with a copy of the student’s passport or birth certificate and their last year’s full school report by the second week of February of each year (see application form in the appendix).

Please Note: There is an application administration fee of £10, which must be submitted with the application form.

• Pupils will be required to sit an admission test in English and Maths and will only be approved for interview if they have met the national average level for their age/class group. Interviews with the student and parents will take place (first interviews start March for the following September enrolments).

• Offers of places will normally be given by the end of May.

• Admission is on the strict understanding that it is for one academic year only. Subsequent offers of a place for the next academic year will be made to pupils if there is sufficient progress in school work, behaviour and attendance/punctuality and the co-operation of their parents with the school has been good. Students must achieve the minimum school internal exam level at the end of Key Stage 3 to be kept on roll for Key Stage 4 (see appendix of minimum levels expected). The school reserves the right to set additional conditions for Offers – to be judged on a case by case basis.

Admission Test

All applicants will be required to sit an admission test as part of our admissions procedure.

The applicants will be tested in English and Mathematics.

The School offers places based on the following criteria:

• The child’s previous academic report especially with respect to behaviour;

• Previous Exam/Enrolment Test results;

• Interview.

Priority will be given to:

• Year 6 students attending Feeder Islamic Primary Schools;

• Siblings of students enrolled with Lantern of Knowledge Boys’ Secondary School;

• Sons/Brothers of staff working at Lantern of Knowledge Boys’ Secondary School;

• Those parents who are committed to the aims and objectives of the school/school trust and who can fit in with the culture and ways of working of the school.

For the enrolment interview, all prospective students will be expected to:

• Be familiar with the recitation of the Qur’an;

• Know the method of performing Wudhu and praying Salah;

• Possess basic knowledge of the Seerah (life history) of the Prophet Mohammad (peace and

blessings be upon him);

• Know the last ten Surahs of the Holy Qur’an.

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