Citizenship KS3 & KS4 Subject Policy

Importance & Aims

This subject is mainly concerned with Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. The course leads to a full GCSE qualification, and LoK school see Citizenship as an important strand of its curriculum. This subject has four main units which are taught to KS3 students and aims to help pupils understand the following; Personal wellbeing; Understanding yourself and how to handle relationships, How to keep healthy, Economic wellbeing, Understanding your financial capability and Developing as a citizen; Understanding the world around you. At KS4, the course aims to provide pupils with an inspiration to become lifelong, well-informed, critical and active citizens in contributing to the life of the community they live and work in respectively.
GCSE qualifications in Citizenship Studies enable students to

-    equip themselves with the skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence
-    understand and participate in the democratic process
-    accept responsibility for their actions
-    value and respect cultural diversity
-    stand up for what they believe in and voice their opinions
-    understand the effects of national and global issues on communities
-    become well-informed active citizens willing to participate in decision making
-    give young people the confidence to make a difference and make a positive contribution to society.


Formative and summative assessment is an integral component of the learning and teaching process. The progress of pupils is closely monitored throughout KS3 and KS4.

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