English Language


The English department seeks to provide an environment in which all students are encouraged to become independent in their thinking and the expression of their ideas. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning, as individuals and as part of a team.

Core elements

Speaking and listening

Pupils explore, develop and respond to a range of skills and strategies, in a variety of contexts, adapting language according to task, audience and purpose.


Pupils engage with, and respond to, a rich variety of print, electronic and multi-modal texts, developing analysis and awareness of the forms and purposes of writing, and the contexts and cultures within which they were written.


Pupils write a wide range of texts on paper and on screen for different purposes and audiences, adapting features and techniques to create a range of effects and impact.


Pupils will explore the significance of English and the variations in its use and development, and comment on how language is used across a variety of contexts and situations.


Work is assessed through homework, class tests, end of year exams, and (in KS4), controlled assessment

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